User Guide

1: Go to  This will bring up the map of Greenwich with all the cycle stands in the borough plotted as red markers.  To find cycle stands near to any location, type the address in text box highlighted with red border in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1

2:  After typing the address in the search box, click on the search button.  This will show the matching addresses below the button.  If the required search is not shown in the results, check the spellings and refine the search by adding extra information, for example "Greenwich, London".  In this example "Sandtoft Road" is searched and it returns 3 results.  The third result is the required search as it is in Greenwich, London (Figure 2).

Figure 2

3:  Click on the result of interest, in this case "3. Sandtoft Rd, Greenwich, Greater London, UK" as shown in Figure 2.  Clicking on this result will automatically find the cycle stands installed nearest to Sandtoft Rd, draw a blue line to show the route to reach the nearest cycle stands from Sandtoft Rd, add 2 green markers labelled A and B to the map, and automatically zoom in the map to show the route clearly.  The green marker labelled A denotes the starting point (the search result we clicked on), green marker labelled B denotes the destination point (Figure 3).  Detailed turn by turn directions along with distances are also shown on the right of the map.

Figure 3

4: Clicking on any red marker on the map pops up a balloon over the marker showing the name of the location and number of cycle stands installed there (Figure 4)


Figure 4

5:  Buttons on the top right of the map change the view from plain maps to satellite maps and hybrid maps (Figure 5).  Controls on the left are used to zoom in and out of the map and pan in the direction of the arrows.  Clicking on the central button with four arrows on it zooms out and shows the entire borough.